Much Ado About Nothing

Avoidance is a specialty of mine.  Especially when its something I really don’t want to do it. This website is something that I have been putting off for over a year. For lots of reasons:

  1. I already have an easy-peasy blog where I have been promoting my books and writing fun stuff for my readers.
  2. I hate learning new technology.

I’ll spare you the rest of my very long list of excuses. If you are a chronic avoidance person like me, this may sound really familiar. I like to think someone out there is nodding their head. The rest of you might wonder what the heck is the matter with me. Haa-haa, where do I start?  In all seriousness, every single excuse falls under one big umbrella–Fear.


When I started this author journey I decided that I wouldn’t let fear get in the way of me achieving my goals. This has not been an easy process for me. The isolating factor that goes with being a writer doesn’t help.  Thankfully, I have been very fortunate to have found a few friends in the community who helped push me forward–despite my fears. Here is the part where I give some shout-outs: Melissa Storm, Cassidy Cayman and Melinda McIntosh. These brilliant women have helped me in very different ways and without them I would never have ventured as far as I have into this writing career.

So long story short…

It has been four months since I started this website journey. I still have so much to learn, but today I’m proud to finally be able to press the publish button.

Let me know what you think. I’d also love to hear what kinds of things you are putting off because of fear. 

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