True Blue Son (The Syndicate-born Trilogy)

The Son, born to save them all. 

The third book in the Syndicate series takes place right where the epilogue of the second book drops off. And while you don't have to have read the other two books, it will make a lot more sense if you do read them. In this new book the reader learns about Sally's son and how he fits in with the war on the Syndicate. Readers are saying it is the best book in the series. For fans of the Trilogy, don't despair, this isn't the end. I am currently working on the prequel, which will be from Sally's point of view and will heavily feature Alex. 

What's this book about?

The Son—born to save them all.Dr. Zander Ride grew up a son of The Syndicate, his fate as a career criminal all but sealed. With the help of his mother, he escaped a life of crime… until the night he heard The Syndicate had shot his mother in cold blood. Zander soon finds refuge in the hands of his mother’s hacktivist group, who want his help bringing down the notorious group once and for all. But it comes with a cost. Managed by a different leader and guided by a new deadly mission, the hacktivists force him to confront the truth about his parents and the sacrifices they made for the cause. In the end, he must decide how far he’s willing to go and what he’s willing to sacrifice. Can a child born of The Syndicate bring it all down, or will Zander be another pointless sacrifice in their struggle for money and power?


(Contains STRONG language)

I told my first lie at the age of four.One night after a long and heated fight, my father had beaten my mother with a frying pan until she lay half dead on the floor. “Zander, your mama fell down. Damn bitch can’t hold her liquor.” He grabbed me by the collar of my baseball uniform and yanked hard. “You hear me, boy?” The sinister look in his eyes, coupled with the bloodied pan still in his hand, let me know what he needed me to do and what would happen if I disobeyed. So, when the cops showed up, I lied. The year I turned nine, Mama asked me to hide the truth about the man she loved, the one who’d given me life. She’d waited until he died before letting me know about the two weeks she spent screwing him, a CIA agent, in a dirty alleyway. Following his death, the news had called him Superman. He’d stood up against The Syndicate and, even though he’d died for his efforts, he’d struck an almost fatal blow to the Ocean City and Virginian men.“They can’t know you’re his son,” she’d told me.It wouldn’t be the last time I’d be forced to hide the truth for my family—to defend them, excuse them, and to save my own ass."

(True Blue Son-Excerpt of Prologue)

True Blue Son
K.M. Hodge

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