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Did you know my award winning Red on the Run is FREE on Kindle Unlimited? It's also available in eBook, paperback, and audio. The first book in the Syndicate Series, is a tearjerker suspense, will keep you on the edge of your seat. 


"This book is so much more than a simple thriller. It's fast paced, with a plot that will keep your wheels spinning as you try to unravel the intricacies. But it is also a book not afraid to delve into the deeper side of characters and address tough issues. A super enjoyable read, it's complexities only add to that. Pick this up for a weekend read - you won't want to stop once you've started." ~ Nella M. Amazon Review 

Grab your copy of Red on the Run and enjoy the bonus chapters for book two at the end.  Also check out my bonus content on my blog. I have letters between characters and letters that I wrote to all of my characters. Enjoy!

It begins with Red. Run, Red. Run!

In search of redemption from his sordid past, FBI Special Agent Alex Bailey takes on a new partner, Katherine Mitchel… and a new secret mission.

Before being assigned their first joint case, Katherine uncovers damning evidence against a major crime ring known as The Syndicate. The group controls key members of the D.C. Metropolitan Area Police, the U.S. Congress, even the FBI, and they will stop at nothing to protect their interests. With her life on the line, Katherine is forced to put her faith in Alex as she flees from Washington D.C. and enters the Witness Protection Program.

Yet there’s no hiding from The Syndicate.

In the most dangerous investigation of his career, Alex must decide how far he is willing to go to keep Katherine safe, and to stop The Syndicate.