The week I became a USA Today Bestseller

USA Today Bestseller

USA Today Bestseller

The day author, Kate Allenton texted me: “We Did it”

There are moments in our lives when everything changes. It’s almost like time slows and you can see it happen and know…after this I will not be the same. Yesterday time came to a gridning halt when I got a text from author Kate Allenton announcing that we made the USA Today Bestseller list with the Wedding Dreams Boxset. Not only did we make the list, we broke the top 100. This isn’t something I ever thought I would accomplish. Not in my wildest dreams.

The Voices in my head:

When I was a kid, people told me I was stupid and would never accomplish anything. Forget college. Forget a professional job. This is still a part of my narrative, the inner voice telling me I’m not good enough. It’s not just impostor syndrome, it’s so ingrained in my soul that it may never be removed. Even now, with two college degrees, fifteen successful years as a fundraiser, six published novels, awards, and my USA Today letters, I still feel like the kid being told I’m not good enough. Which is silly, I know. At least logically I know this. But the voice inside still whispers to me that its not enough.

The experience of growing up that way, made me who I am, which is a determined and hard working. It pushes me every day to keep going. This has its pluses and minuses. Last year, a dear friend got me a bracelet that says: She believed she could and she did. I wore that thing until it quite literally fell apart. But I still carry that sentiment with me wherever I go. And while hard work and determination don’t always yield us the results that we want, sometimes, like today, they do.

With a Little Help From My Friends:

I didn’t get their alone. I am so grateful that I got invited into an anthology with some truly amazing women. Theses ladies busted butt and got the job done. I’ve never felt so supported or inspired before in my life and not just by the people in the set. There are a whole fleet of women in my life, who hold me up, encourage me, and push me forward. THEY are why I am able to have any success in what I do. This job is hard and isolating and often times I feel like I’m not making a difference. Like I’m shouting into the wind. But then sometimes I get an email or a card in the mail from a reader or another author and I remember why I do this. So thank you to everyone for your support, encouragement, and understanding . Oh and for reminding me to not listen to the voices in my head.

Is there someone in your life that inspires you? Tell them! It may be the one thing they need to hear to help them keep going.


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